• embracing self-service software
    17 July 2018     Digital Transformation, Infor, Press

    embracing self-service software

    It’s strange to think that just a few decades ago people were satisfied with sending a letter or fax and waiting for a response. There was no way of really knowing whether communication had been received and read, and we simply had to accept delayed gratification as the status quo. Today, we demand immediate answers, […]

  • the five benefits of engineering for speed

    the five benefits of engineering for speed

    In 2016, it was said that modern manufacturing had come of age. Yet, just two short years later, it has become evident that manufacturers must continue to innovate faster, while shortening product lifecycles to remain competitive. Bringing more new products and services to market faster is now a baseline requirement, rather than the mark of […]

  • it’s time to transform the way people work
    19 February 2018     Event, Infor, Press Release

    it’s time to transform the way people work

    In a world currently driven by all things transformation, the revolution of working practices must be given its due consideration. From disruptive business software to digital transformation, the optimisation of investments and services, and the need for (transformative) speed – businesses that do not focus on empowering the organisation to perform better will soon be […]

  • 14 December 2017     EAM, Hospitality, Infor, Press Release

    master profitability in hospitality with effective EAM

    When asked what it takes to be successful in the hospitality industry, most would say; the personal touch. It’s about attention to detail and delivering service excellence – from the greeting at the entrance to the turn-down service. The hotel’s facilities must be immaculate and offer guests the utmost in luxury and convenience. Collectively, industries […]

  • 28 September 2017     EAM, Event, Infor, Press Release

    agility accelerating enterprise asset management

    In the world of enterprise applications, the most effective solution is usually bestowed upon the largest organisation with the biggest budget. Yet, these applications are the engine room of all organisations, regardless of their size. Without effective solutions, businesses suffer from a lack of agility, responsiveness and flexibility, hindering management’s ability to make fast, sound […]

  • 22 September 2017     CRM, ERP, Event, Infor, Press Release

    Acquisitions, artificial intelligence and digital transformation at Infor Next

    Contrary to the predictions of the futuristic movies of the 80s, the “rise of the machines” will not be the downfall of mankind – but rather deliver the business application support system that drives greater efficiencies with more intelligence, less error and greater data control. As enterprise software continues to evolve, the introduction of mainstream […]

  • 21 September 2017     EOH, Event, Infor, Press Release

    Infor has high hopes for Africa

    Infor Next 2017, Johannesburg — Specialist application software firm Infor has high ambitions for its India, Middle East and Africa (IMEA) operations, looking to increase its business in the region five-fold over the next three years. And Africa will have a key role in this growth. Gary Hopwood, newly promoted sales manager for Infor’s Africa […]

  • 21 September 2017     Infor, Press Release

    Belgium Campus ITversity, Pretoria, joins global Infor Education Alliance Programme

    Earlier this month, Eyewitness News reported that the latest South African jobs statistics continue to reflect an appallingly high unemployment rate. According to the World Bank, the 2016 average unemployment rate for all upper middle-income countries was 6.2%. In 2016, South Africa’s rate was at 25.9%, rising to 27.7% in 2017. Of these unemployed droves, […]

  • Infor Next Johannesburg 2017 – 21 September
    13 September 2017     Event, Infor, Press

    Infor Next Johannesburg 2017 – 21 September

    Infor Next – One day of networking and education! Kick start your journey to digital transformation register online  Date: Thursday, 21 September 2017 Venue: Montecasino, Johannesburg We’re delighted to announce Infor Next Johannesburg taking place on Thursday 21 September at the Montecasino in Johannesburg. Join us at Infor Next Johannesburg to get enabled on techniques […]

  • 5 September 2017     EOH, Infor, Press Release

    how to maintain effective systems in periods of rapid growth

    As an organisation moves through the five stages of the business lifecycle, rapid growth must be coupled with sound processes and access to information to reach maturity. With the correct systems in place, the business can function at the same efficiency regardless of its size. However, if there are deficiencies in these systems, the deficits […]