• The IoT Series Part 1:  What Are Smart Buildings?
    13 July 2017     EAM, Infor, The Internet of Things

    The IoT Series Part 1: What Are Smart Buildings?

    According to the IEEE XPlore Digital Library, “smart building is a trend towards the buildings automation paradigm”. The overarching aim is to autonomously control devices and systems in any given environment within the building. Although the systems are designed to function without human intervention, they are often supervised by facility management, and offer a wealth […]

  • The Internet of Things. The Perfect Storm?
    22 May 2017     EAM, Event, Infor, Press, The Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things. The Perfect Storm?

    On the 10th and 11th of May, the SAFMA Annual Conference 2017 was held at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg. The Conference featured experts, presenting the latest innovations in facilities management. A recent study conducted by the South African Facilities Management Association (SAFMA) conclusively revealed that the “industry has grown aggressively from merely being associated […]

  • 18 April 2017     EAM, Events, Press

    Softworx at the SAAMA Conference 2017

    About the SAAMA conference SAAMA is dedicated to the development of physical asset management in Southern Africa. As part of this drive, education and knowledge sharing is offered to individuals in the industry to further develop their own skills and understanding of asset management. Apart from round-table sessions and workshops, meaningful discussion is also stimulated […]

  • 17 November 2016     EAM, Infor

    Infor EAM 11.2— Best-in-class EAM Still Improving after 20 Years

    Infor’s EAM Enterprise solution has been built up over what is now some 20 years to be one of the richest asset management solutions on the market. Almost no other EAM solution comes close to Infor EAM Enterprise when it comes to the depth and breadth of functionality within the solution. So, with everything that […]