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  • Business intelligence just got 10x smarter

    In conjunction with our international technology partner, Infor, we’ve just released an even smarter BI. The new 10x version of Infor Business Intelligence modernizes data processing and enriches decision-making like never before. Infor BI 10x delivers advanced analytics and planning capabilities, self-service dashboards, and social collaboration for a more beautiful, modern, mobile, and social experience. […]

  • Looking ahead: the future of BI

    What does the future of Business Intelligence look like? According to Sydney-based BI specialist, Sandeep Rao, here are 3 trends to look out for… Simplification – Every product needs to end up in the hands of its final user. BI’s real users are the decision makers in a company, statuesquely called the “Executives”. BI has successfully […]

  • Can you measure BI?

    Mobilizing existing BI investments or building new content tailored for mobile users is becoming more pervasive and essential for day-to-day jobs. But after first implementation, continuing to be able to measure BI is essential for ongoing success. Ironically, most progressive companies measure everything in the organization, yet don’t have a good way to measure themselves […]

  • Use your BQ to outsmart competitors

    Use your BQ to outsmart competitors

    Over the past decade, much has been made of not only our IQ, but our EQ too. Studies have shown that our Emotional Intelligence Quotient may actually be more fundamental to success in life than our IQ. Why? Some psychologists believe that standard measures of intelligence are simply too narrow and do not encompass the […]

  • 15 January 2015     Africa Partner Network, Event, Press

    Softworx recently sponsored the East Africa CIO 100 Annual Symposium

    Softworx, in partnership with Infor, recently sponsored the East Africa CIO 100 Annual Symposium and awards held over two days at Enashipai Resort & Spa, Naivasha, Kenya. CIOs and other company representatives, from the entire East Africa region attended the event. Over 175 delegates registered. The Ruby Sponsorship package allowed Softworx to showcase it’s Infor Master Partner […]

  • 27 November 2014     The cloud

    Catch the cloud and pin it down

    There’s no doubt about it – cloud computing is here to stay and will only get better as the years advance. But in your desire to maximize your business’ efficiency and budget, heed the pitfalls too. If taken into account, you can successfully navigate your way forward to a future full of clouds with only […]

  • 27 November 2014     BYOD, Mobile trends

    How to maximize mobility

    Although there are certainly security and other factors to consider, there’s no doubt about it: the mobile age is upon us. Embracing it, and maximizing its many advantages is possible. Here’s how:

  • 27 November 2014     BYOD, Mobile trends

    Inspecting invisible fences

    If your business is made up of people who work from mobile devices – such as phones, tablets and laptops – your business has gone mobile. But have you considered the unique security challenges this presents to your company? While security measures vary widely, depending on the type of app or device being deployed, it’s up […]

  • 20 November 2014     Enterprise Asset Management, Mining

    Mining today: the latest challenges and opportunities

    Several unique challenges face the modern mining industry today. Many of these challenges have emerged fairly recently and have the potential to impact on the ability of mining companies to sustain current operations while also providing returns to investors. Today’s challenges Globally, productivity is falling. Falls in productivity have been recorded in Australia, the US […]

  • 30 October 2014     Africa Partner Network, Press

    Softworx launches African growth initiative

    Beautiful business software is on the way to sub-Saharan Africa. EOH Company and Infor Master Partner, Softworx has launched the Africa Partner Network (Softworx APN) to channel Infor software sales and consulting services throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Softworx managing director, Jane Thomson, says the partner network will provide businesses with access to best-in-class software: “The network […]

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